Lean Masterclass Workshops

Developing your understanding of the Lean Management tools will help you develop the critical skills to improve process efficiencies across all business contexts, find the right resource requirements and place the creation of value for the customer at the core of what you do. Expand your career options and join us today.

  • Learn how Process Thinking can help you deconstruct core business processes, remove waste, improve speed and drive customer satisfaction.

  • Develop your understanding of how to link what you do with customer needs to improve the value you offer to customers to make a real difference.

  • Get to grips with critical data based tools to understand what is actually happening rather than making decisions based on opinions to build sustainable business results.

  • Gain an understanding of how strategy, key performance indicators and operations can combine to produce world class performance and a high performing team.

Our experience

With over 15 years global experience, your in safe hands. Since we set up in mid 2019, we have trained over 250 people and delivered over $5 Million in savings for our customers.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Government
Hertz International
Pfizer Inc
Aramex Global Freight & Express Delivery Company
Lloyds Banking Group
Emirates Group Transguard UAE

About Leanscape.io

Leanscape.io is a global consultancy and training provider of Lean Six Sigma management principles for corporates and professional individuals looking to develop their adaptive and innovative capacities to join the next generation of world leaders in business.

What we believe

We must continually refine and improve processes across our lives in order to minimise waste, enhance efficiency and focus on the creation of genuine value for individuals — in this way, we realise the true potential of our finite resources.

Visit www.leanscape.io for more information or contact us at masterclass@leanscape.io